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Dear Pastor and Church Leadership,

Here in Idaho’s Treasure Valley, Mormonism claims one-fourth of the population. Already, Mormonism is the fifth largest religious organization in the USA! Last year alone, over a quarter of a million people forsook their Christian background to join the Mormon Church!

This is an average of 800 people per day - the equivalent of two average-sized Christian churches being closed down every day! At its current rate of growth Mormonism will become the fourth major world religion in this century - a phenomenon that has not happened since the rise of Islam.

Could your congregation benefit from understanding the spiritual dangers of Mormonism?

Could your congregation grow spiritually by learning more about how to reach their Mormon co-workers, friends, neighbors

   and relatives with the power of the Biblical Gospel?

Could your congregation benefit by learning how to present the Gospel in an easy-to-learn manner - that also speaks to the

   Valley’s other large, non-evangelical religious group?


I.C.A.R.E. Ministries will be a blessing to your Church in at least three ways...

• Increase your understanding of the Mormon mindset and how to effectively witness to them.

• Reinforce the Biblical principles involved in reaching Mormons, and others, with the Gospel.

• Strengthen your appreciation of God’s completed work of salvation by grace alone.


Today, Mormon scholars increasingly recognize that the Book of Mormon is of human origin. Recent DNA studies prove that the American Indians are not descendants of Hebrews, as the Book of Mormon claims. 


But, what is being done to help these people become Christians? 


Bruce Levi, Founder and Director of I.C.A.R.E., understands well the inner workings of Mormonism. He was raised in a dedicated Mormon family, completed a 2-year Mormon mission to Germany, and graduated from Brigham Young University. But God marvelously saved Bruce over 25 years ago and he began to reach out to Mormons in Utah and Idaho – the heartland of Mormonism. We founded I.C.A.R.E. to teach Christians to effectively witness to Mormons. 

Most Christians don’t know where to begin and so, they do nothing. Other Christians, who do attempt to witness to Mormons, often find themselves in an argumentative debate that is frustrating. Others do not know how to deal with Mormons’ use of our terminology.

The sad reality is that rarely in such encounters does the Mormon ever hear the Gospel in a way that is meaningful to him. The Mormon usually becomes defensive and even more convinced that the Christian is their enemy. 


Is this really the message we want to convey?


There is a better way. Our ministry teaches a Biblical approach to witnessing that is...

• Based on the Gospel as the “power of God unto salvation.”

• Addresses the stress and pressure Mormons encounter as they try to adhere to an authoritarian system of rules and

   personal perfectionism. 

• Non-argumentative and personal, yet Biblically sound and doctrinally correct and does not require the Christian to become

   an expert on Mormonism.

• Adaptable for use with people with other cults and religions, or just about anyone. 


Please prayerfully consider having us present our field of ministry in your worship or evening service, Sunday School, mid-week meeting, mission conference, retreats or other meetings. 

Serving Him,


Bruce F. Levi

Director, ICARE Ministries Inc.


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  Bruce F. Levi was raised in Mormonism in Idaho’s Treasure Valley, was a Mormon Missionary in Germany and graduated from Brigham Young University.


Helping Christians...

understand people in oppressive religions

and reaching those people with The Gospel.

Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to his mercy he saved us, by the washing of regeneration, and renewing of the Holy Ghost. – Titus 3:5